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When is the last time you did something for yourself?

5AMERS is a private accountability & achievement group of motivated individuals who are committed to waking up early and doing extraordinary things every single day. New members from across the world are welcomed on the first business day of each month.

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Components of Our Group


SMART Goal Setting

Each month our members select a new, important goal to focus on for the four week sprint. This goal must be Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Time-Bound. The group checks in throughout the month to ensure progress is being made towards achieving your goal!


Group Accountability

Our group connects every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in our private Facebook group to ensure we focus on daily, incremental growth towards our goal and strengthening our minds. On Tuesday and Thursday we meet on a live video chat and discuss a range of topics in a fun format to keep our momentum & accountability going!


Stretching our Minds

Each month our members help to select a "book of the month" that we read as a group. Throughout the month we share our thoughts on different sections of the book as we understand that "leaders are readers"!

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Achievements of Our Members

Chris LaGarde

Picture of Chris LaGarde

For several years I've been seeking to be the healthiest version of myself possible.   I was extremely frustrated with my lack of progress.  Two things dramatically changed that. I hired the right coach AND I joined the 5amers community. The community provided that extra fuel I needed to make a significant jump, mainly dropping 17 lbs in 1 month.  Not only that, but the caliber of people that are a part of this group are top notch and I understand that importance of the people you surround yourself with and this community has some of the highest level people that are also just plain awesome people.  If you are looking to take your life to a new level, this group will create the opportunity for you to do that. 

Rob Wishnick

Picture of Rob Wishnick

The 5AMERS group has given me the much needed personal time back in my day that was lacking with a family and growing business.  The accountability that the group brings gives you the drive needed to accomplish your goals.  Since joining the group, I have gotten back into a fitness routine that I had given up for years.  Getting the day started earlier, it's also much easier to prepare for the day ahead.  It would be simple to keep hitting the snooze button, but it is so inspiring to see the rest of the members achieving their goals, that I find myself eager to get out of bed.

Rob Wilson


This last evolution was my biggest achievement yet in the group but that couldn't have happened unless I had already made the progress that I made in previous evolutions, especially in Evolution 1. They all build upon each other.  The further you go the more MOMENTUM!  In the past evolutions I really took control of my time management and and focus which made a night and day difference in all parts of my life well beyond just business. In this last evolution, in just 30 days, I took a vision and brought it into reality.  I created a completely new business, created a brand, built a website, created relationships with 6 charities and finished it all off with two new clients to make it official.  All of that in 30 days is amazing to me when I look back to when all of this was just a idea in my head. The bottom line is that in this group we can accomplish anything we set our minds to.  All you have to do is decide what you want, put in the time and have faith in yourself.  So either you keep sleeping with your dreams or you can wake up with us and chase them. CARPE V AM

Jamie Kerezsi


5AMERS is the real deal. It is a gift/opportunity that can change your life in every way. While I didn't achieve my first goal (which wasn't a Smart Goal), I achieved so much more!  I learned that failing to plan is planning to fail.  I learned the importance and power of goal setting, goal tracking and accountability.  5amers is a way of life and I am incredibly grateful for this group of driven, motivated and inspirational people. 

Danny Kovalski


This group has changed my views, feelings & made me believe you can do anything. This past month I had a goal to run 20 miles a week, 88.57 total miles for the month. Quick background on me is I was always active until I was involved in an accident in 2015. Since then, I have struggled to exercise and get back in shape. I bought a Garmin watch in May 2017 and have kept track of every run since then. The highest # of miles ran in a month was in August 2017 with 39.2.  I am proud to say I crushed it finishing with 127.93 miles!!! Yes, I am a little sore but it is an awesome feeling! Getting up every day by 5AM has gotten me to start living a healthy lifestyle again. I am more energetic throughout the day and have been extremely productive with work but still have time with my family every day! 

Dan Hoban


Since joining the 5AMERS I have learned operate with purpose, track my results and plan out my days efficiently and effectively.  I have set time aside to put down the work and be present and in the moment with my family everyday, all while making the gym 3x a week as well.   The effects that I have seen in my personal life and business career have been life changing.  The relationship that I have with my wife has always been great, but lately have been even better.  We are now closer than we ever have been, communicate clearer, appreciate each other a little bit more, and in our hair business have hired 2 new people to cover tasks that in the past we normally would have done ourselves.   My Real Estate business has taking a significant increase in business as well.  Waking up at 5am gives me 1 hour of planning on how I am going to execute my day, handle my current clients needs, while generating new business.  The days don’t seem to fly by as they once did.  I now have a calm control over how I conduct my business during the day and am able to have somewhat of a personal life as well. 

Alison Simon


Joining the 5AMERs helped me focus on my personal and professional goals. Doing something that I never thought I could do, namely getting up before the sun, proved to me that I could truly do whatever I put my mind to. The support I received from the group while going through the challenges that I was facing, along with the accountability I had to everyone there, created a close-knit community that helped me think on a deeper level and see a bigger picture. 

Brindley Tucker


5amers has been a total game changer, a total life changer.  As a coach and business owner I hold others accountable everyday.  So, when it came to holding myself accountable to getting up early to do the things that would make me a better coach, leader, and all around human, I needed help.  Very few people love getting up early, especially to go to boot camp or yoga, yet, once we do it we feel amazing!  Being accountable to an amazing group of people who are doing the same thing as you, well its almost impossible to not get up.  If they can all do it, why can't you?  Since joining, I have lost 15 lbs, work out consistently, and have kept my routine, even when I'm on the road.  Thank you Jake and Skye, for helping us create more purposeful lives with purposeful mornings.

Dan Lievens


You know the feeling you get when your whole day goes by and you didn’t spend any time on self care and development?  5amers has ensured that I get time everyday to gather my thoughts, plan my day, take care of myself, read and develop. The members of the group are all in it for tremendous growth and are driven to excel. Not only do we hold each other accountable for attaining our goals, we all bring a certain skill set and insights on furthering ourselves and our careers. At the very least, if your day ended at lunch, you would have accomplished more than most

Tony Salloum


If I have to pick the one thing that changed my life the most in my recent history, it is undoubtedly 5Amers.  The impact that 5Amers made on me continues to empower me every day as I wake up at 5 a.m. and become a more focused, fulfilled, and simply a better version of myself. Within the first week in the group I noticed that waking up early forced me to cut out my useless late evenings. The late evenings of browsing the web, drinking, and wasting my life on other unhealthy habits.  5Amers indirectly forced me to remove two destructive hours from the end of my day and turn them into the most effective and enriching time of my day, every day, first thing in the day. The power of waking up early every day to reflect and re-focus along with a large group of like-minded leaders has made miracles to my life. Today I am a natural 5Amer. While things were tough at the beginning to make them a habit, today I can’t wait to go to be bed so I can wake up the second day and become a better person. I am forever grateful to 5Amers. I am 5AmersForLifeIf customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Ken Jordan


I was looking for accountability and I was looking for inspiration I found the 5 AMERS but I never thought I could get up consistently at 4:45 every day. Well guess what? I am! Getting up early and winning the day has helped me lose 30lbs so far.  

My goal for September was to lose  20lbs (as I write this there are a few days to go). I’ve gone to the gym 21 out of 24 days this month so far what I found is that the discipline required to get up early permeates the rest of your day.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you tap into the collective energy of the 5AMERS. I look forward to the opportunity to continue my journey alongside these powerful and positive people!

Leen Salloum


I joined because I heard great testimonials from existing group members and I decided it could be a solution to my struggles with my daily habits. Since I became a mother 4 years ago and again, 2 years ago, I have struggled with my daily routine. Committing to my full time career as a PA and NJ Realtor, taking care of my children, and managing a household can be very stressful and overwhelming. Being a 5AMer solves multiple issues for me including gaining control of my day and creating valuable personal time in the morning that I genuinely look forward to. Being a part of this group helps me clarify my goals, has re-ignited my passion for reading, and helps me make better use of my time in the evenings. My entire day is more productive and less stressful. Most importantly, I have gained friendships within the group and admiration for the group leaders, Jake and Skye.

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